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Practice your English at home by taking advantage of free English lessons created by our teachers. The courses and lessons on MilanoInglese are free for all to use, but you must register and login to the site to be able to access the full lessons.  The ‘English Courses’ which we provide are not full courses, but collections of individual lessons for students of different levels, so all the lessons for elementary-level students can be found in the ‘Elementary level’ course.

Please remember than online lessons cannot replace having a private teacher and are only intended to help you practice and test your knowledge and skills! If you want to improve your English and visited the MilanoInglese website to find a teacher, you can find the directory of English teachers by clicking Trova un insegnante on the main navigation menu.

The English Lessons and exercises on MilanoInglese are only available to registered users. To register, click the button below.

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Online Course List
Browse the list of free online lessons, exercises and other quizzes that are available on MilanoInglese.

You must register and be logged-in to MilanoInglese to be able to access these free resources, but registration is free and if you are a member of Facebook you can log in quickly and easily via your Facebook membership.

Free English Resources

Browse our original collection of English grammar explanations and quizzes.

Our original grammar and quiz resources are part of the main MilanoInglese website and you do not need to be logged-in to access or use them. You will find grammar explanations and exercises for students of all levels.

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Vuoi sapere il tuo livello di inglese?

Puoi verificare il tuo livello di inglese utilizzando il nostro test di livello online gratuito. Si tratta di una prova di circa quarantacinque minuti molto semplice da utilizzare. Bisogna puntualizzare che questa prova darà solamente una valutazione approssimativa di qual è il vostro livello per il semplice fatto che un test di livello completo deve includere anche una parte orale e una di ascolto.