Prepositions of Time

We use the prepositions ‘on‘, ‘at‘ and ‘in‘ to describe when an action happens.
In general, the rules are very simple!

We use ON to speak about a specific date or day

  • I am meeting him ON 15th July
  • I was born ON May 19th 1960
  • She arrived here ON 1st January 2006
  • I am going to Rome ON Friday.
  • I usually meet her ON Saturday. (repeated / habitual actions/events)
  • I am cooking dinner ON Christmas Day / Easter Monday / Your birthday / etc

We use AT to speak about a specific time or period

  • I met her AT 11.00am this morning.
  • She is arriving here AT 9.00am tomorrow.
  • I never work AT the weekend.
  • I went to bed AT midnight.
  • I never drive my car AT night.
  • I normally go home AT lunchtime.
  • I’m going to England AT Christmas / Easter

We use IN to speak about a specific month / year

  • I was born IN May, 1960.
  • She started work here IN 2003.
  • I am going to America IN August.
  • It is always cold IN (the) winter.
  • I’m going to Spain IN the summer.

and also..

  • I never watch TV IN the morning / afternoon / evening.



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