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Teaching English in Milan

The good news is that if you want to teach English in Milano, there is plenty of work. If you're a new arrival in the city, you'll probably gravitate towards one of the many language schools in the area. It's a good way to get yourself settled and find your feet, but pretty soon you'll be looking for something better. The majority of language schools offer overseas teachers temporary contracts with no written guarantess of either a basic salary or teaching hours. By the time you've sorted out some sort of social life, you'll have realised that you don't earn enough to have one. That's where MilanoInglese comes in!

To earn a reasonable salary here in Italy you need to stop replying on language schools and start accumulating private students. Teaching privately allows you to manage your time much better, decide who, when and where you teach, and earn more money. Created by a small group of mother-tongue English teachers, MilanoInglese was created to offer teachers a way to promote themselves in a professional and effective way. Posting flyers on car windscreens, putting posters up in supermarkets and taking advantage of the many seedy freead websites may seem like a good and cheap way of finding students, and we've all tried it, but it gives a poor impression and simply doesn't work. In addition, MilanoInglese provides a trustworthy place where potential students can look for and contact teachers who offer private lessons. Milanoinglese was created in 2009-2010 and is top of more or less all relevant Google searches, attracting more visitors than any language school in the city. Put simply; it works.

Registering on MilanoInglese isn't free, and there are certain rules and requirements. For example, teachers must be legally living and working in Italy, and so on.In order to protect those teachers who are already registered, we also restrict the number of teachers who can join.

Teacher Registration

If you'd like to know more about registering with MilanoInglese, please visit the dedicated teacher information website at It's all in English and the answers to all your questions can be found there. To read more, click the button below.

Teacher Registration

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