The English verb ‘get’

The verb 'to get'

The verb GET is difficult for students because it has many meanings in English.

Try to match numbers 1 to 8 with letters a to h (they are not in the right order) Enjoy!

  1. to receive something
  2. to buy something
  3. to find something
  4. to become or feel a certain way
  5. to arrive somewhere
  6. to take a bus/train/taxi
  7. to pay for something
  8. to understand something

a. I don’t GET it, why did he speak like that?
b. It is my turn to GET lunch.
c. I GET the metro to work.
d. Did you GET my postcard?
e. Where did you GET your jacket?
f. It is difficult to GET a job at the moment.
g. I usually GET home at 7.30pm
h. If I work all day without lunch, I GET tired.

(Answers: 1.d, 2.e, 3.f, 4.h, 5.g, 6.c, 7.b, 8.a)